System-to-system connections
Current File (left):  YA.json Current File (right):  YA.json
Sonification:A: Sprinkler

User manual

  1. Left file: Select the data set for the left diagram. There are 4 data sets to chose from currently.
  2. Right file: Select the data set for the right diagram.
  3. Sonification: Chose the type of sonification. Currently we have 5 types: Chord, DynKlank, Exformation, Écureuil, Melody.
  4. Listen: Select which diagram you want to use for sonification. Sonification will be performed on the set chosen here, irrespective of which diagram you perform a mouse hover on.
  5. Filters: These are you used to filter the data being displayed and sonified. The user can chose to display all the systems, only the top 10 system and the top 17 systems. In addition they can chose to have thresholds for the maximum and minimum mean values being used. It might take some time for these changes to reflect.